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We can be your dream travel companion. So take the leap and invite us to accompany you on your next wild weekend away or relaxing vacation.

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Fly Us To You


One Night

The best nights begin with dinner and a glass or bottle of quality wine and great conversation to get to know each other. Enjoying flirtatious glances across the table and ending with memories which will last us until our next meeting.

One Weekend

Weekend getaways are what all of us need once in a while to recharge and reset. It is our pleasure to take you away from the pressures of your world to partake in the wonders of ours. Those moments are ours alone to share. Shall we explore your favorite city?


One Week

We love to travel and we are also available for dates throughout Europe and worldwide. For our first meeting we prefer to meet in Europe, check chemistry and see how we get along. As a reminder that we are, after all, human, we will need 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep nightly, 3 meals per day and daily 1hr private time. Please keep this in mind when arranging weekend getaways and an exclusive week with us :)


Please Note

- Destinations more than 4 hours away from Bratislava will require return flights tickets. Preferred airport is Vienna and all flights details must be sent via email prior to any meeting being agreed.


- Any early morning departures or late night arrivals will also require an overnight stay in Vienna. As we sure you'd rather have us arrive at your location fresh & awake, please do not book us any budget airlines or multiple flights if a direct flight is available. And don't forget we'll need hold luggage for make-up and all  sexy lingerie so we can look very best for you.


- If you want us to fly from elsewhere (for example Budapest), additional charges for  taxi there and back will occur.

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